Amazing Roofing Collection: Part One.

This is a collection of some of the most interesting and inspiring roofs form around the world. We collected so many we are splitting this blog into two! Here’s round one:Image

Roof garden: We have a lot of fun “green roofs” on this post, but this one is the only delightful country garden.


Farming: An urban roof farm in Brooklyn, New York.


Recycled: This roof is made entirely from used tires. We wonder, does it smell like burning rubber when the sun is blaring?


Decorative: The roof at the Grand Palace makes quite the colorful statement!


Clay: This clay roof touches both the sky and the grass.


Whimsical: Looks like it was pulled right from the pages of a fairytale book!


Roof-pool: We see roof pools a lot in the city, but this one takes the concept to whole new level. So very beautiful and serene.


Desert: Not all roof gardens are perfectly lush and manicured. This “green roof” blends perfectly with it’s natural desert surroundings.


Siding: When roofing becomes siding…


Urban garden: Top of City Hall in Chicago, Illinois.


Painted: Beautiful painted roof in the country.

Roof farming: Check out these goats that live on a restaurant roof in Sister Bay, Wisconsin!

**Stay tuned for the second part!


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