Great article about remodeling projects

Thank you to both Realtor Magazine & Remodeling Magazine for this helpful article that suggests even if you are looking to purchase a new house instead of remodeling, there are STILL some key areas that you want to focus on that involve “home repair”.

 Click link – 2011-2012 Cost vs. Value: Which Remodeling Projects Pay Off the Most?.


“The Lazy Roof”

The Roof it has a Lazy Time
A-Lying in the Sun;
The Walls, they have to Hold Him Up;
They do Not Have Much Fun!

~ Gelett Burgess

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Yesterday, January 10, 2012 was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.
How are you doing?
What does it mean to be energy efficient?

Energy efficient means to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. In regards to housing, we specifically like to focus on the subject of insulating your home… to allow it to use less heating and cooling energy while still achieving and maintaining a comfortable temperature. How can you do this? By using the proper doors and windows and making sure your roof is up to par.

Jerry’s Siding and Roofing can take care of all three of these aspects for you. Call us today @ #: 410-766-6800 to make an appointment for your free estimate TODAY! I mean, we do want to honor yesterday’s big day, right?! : )

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Roof Replacement and Repair

From residential to commercial projects for over 25 years.

Top-quality building product companies like Tamko and CertainTeed offer asphalt shingles and a whole lot more—slate, steel and fiberglass, to name a few. Jerry’s Siding & Roofing professionals are trained and certified to expertly install every type of roof, from the underlayment on the bottom to the ventilation at the top.

Metal roofing, used during the late 1700s and still visible on many historic buildings, is making a comeback in the residential market. Steel shingles—made to look like tile—are also gaining popularity. Tile steel shingles are attractive, durable and energy efficient.

Fiberglass shingles offer a reliable and economical option. In addition to a 25-year product limited warranty, they come with a 10-year algae relief-algae cleaning limited warranty—a desirable service in an area with high humidity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have the answers.

How much do you charge for an estimate on a siding installation? 

Siding estimates are free. 

What types of siding are there?

Vinyl, fiber cement and cedar are the most common, but there are many types of siding.  Recommended uses are based on the following:  cost, maintenance, location, climate, HOA requirements, etc.  We will be glad to discuss these issues during the process of choosing the right siding product for your home.

What are the costs involved in having siding applied to my home?

Most people don’t realize that a typical 40’x28’ split foyer built in the 1980’s can be re-sided (including new trim and shutters) for under $5,000.00.  Re-siding your home is a very affordable home improvement project with a  high return in value and personal satisfaction, and has a tremendous impact on the curb appeal of your home.

Is it necessary to use house wrap?

House wraps, such as Tyvek, all have their pluses and minuses, but in general they are a great vapor barrier and provide some level of protection when used with the right accessories to protect against water infiltration, as vinyl siding is only a water repellant product that provides a level of waterproofing. There is also no “R” value gained in the installation of house wraps; they only provide a level of protection for air infiltration.

Probably the most noticeable gain that comes from house wraps is to the reduction in draftiness associated with homes built prior to 1990, when building codes were updated to address these issues. Recently, there has been much more emphasis put on water infiltration as the industry has addressed the inherent problems with typical vinyl siding, which is a product that has to allow for expansion and contraction associated with temperature changes.  This limits the amount of protection against water because of the inability to caulk at the transition point where the siding adjoins windows, trim etc. There are many products available that provide R-value gains, and we would be more than willing to discuss those with you.

Do I need a permit to have my siding replaced?

Permits are not typically required for the re-siding of your home, but we always adhere to the local government policy on permitting.

Please keep in mind that other projects may require a permit if you are making a structural change to your home.  For example, enlarging a window opening size where a new header needs to be installed.

Do I need HOA approval for my siding?

If you live in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), there is most likely a set of architectural rules which govern the types of exterior products that are allowed, including material, style and color.  Typically, you must submit your proposal to the HOA for review and approval prior to beginning your project. 

What are the different types of roofing shingles? Which do you recommend?

There are many types of roof shingles available, including asphalt (composition) shingles and cedar shingles. Most residential homes in our region use either 3-tab or architectural shingles, and our representative will work with you to find the product that works best with your home and budget.

Do you roof over an existing roof, or do you remove and replace all shingles?

We can roof over an existing roof; however, we will conduct a field inspection and make a recommendation as to which application is best for your home.

How long does it take to re-roof a home?

The length of time to re-roof a home depends on the size and condition of the roof, as well as shingle type. Our representative will provide a time frame to complete your new roof.

Will there be any damage to the rooms immediately below the roof work?

The roofing process will most likely create vibrations throughout your home. We always recommend that prior to commencing the project, you remove any special light fixtures, wall hangings (mirrors, pictures, display cases, etc.) and pull away from the wall those pieces of furniture containing fragile items (china cabinets, lamp tables, etc.). We will be happy to make recommendations for your particular project.

What type of warranty do you offer? Does it protect against bad weather?

Jerry’s Siding & Roofing, Inc. warrants our workmanship for a minimum of five years (see proposal and/or home improvement contract for workmanship warranty details), and each manufacturer offers its own product warranty for the shingles.

Do you take insurance in case of storm damage?

Yes, we will help you work with your homeowner’s insurance company to comply with its specific policies and procedure regarding reparations to your home.

What do you recommend for maintenance once the roof is installed?

We will provide you with the shingle manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. However, some simple housekeeping tasks include:

  • Keep the surface of the roof clean. This includes removing debris that has collected behind HVAC units, pipes, and other roof penetrations.
  • Replace any lost or damaged shingles as soon as discovered.
  • Keep all gutters free of debris, and make sure downspouts are draining properly.
  • Keep overhanging tree limbs trimmed and away from your roof.

Do you provide ventilation?

Yes, our representative will include recommendations regarding ventilation in your proposal.

Do you install gutters if needed?

Yes, we can include gutter and/or downspout installation in your project.

How do you dispose of the old roofing materials?

We will provide a construction dumpster onsite to collect old roofing material. Upon completion of your project, the dumpster will be removed and emptied according to local regulations.

Storm damage? Of course we can help!

We may be called Jerry’s Siding & Roofing…but that’s not all we do! We’ve been doing residential & commercial projects for the past 25 years.

If you experienced flooding in your home or lost part of your roof or even have a few broken windows, please let Jerry’s help you.

The MOST important part of clean-up & recovery is your safety!
It’s not worth the risk of someone’s life for a novice to try and take care of it without the proper training and expertise.

Trust us…we’re here for you. We can be found at:
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